Beer Bubble? Nah, it’s just…

June 03, 2015-  Run for the hills, the beer bubble is about to burst! All the panic-stricken people are clamoring in the streets, spreading uncertainty and doubt. The infectious fear has spread to the craft beer industry from everyone’s trepidation that the beer bubble is getting too large. People are comparing it to the last housing market crash.

Depending on where you live, there is a concern that does need to be addressed.

Over here in little ole’ South Carolina our industry is just in its infancy. That being said, the market is unquestionably starting to see signs of over-saturation. Long gone are the days when the novelty of just opening up a brewery will draw profits. Not only is it essential to have an excellent product, but you need even better prepping for distribution.

Just like there are many good bands that come through your brewery if you host live music, there are amazing breweries popping up everywhere. Those bands that become the next Umphrey’s McGee or Widespread Panic are the ones that set themselves apart by truly connecting with their fan base.

That leaves you with the million dollar question, how do I do that?

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Author: Curtis M. Gorlich
President & Co-Founder
Morning Sock Studios