Brand Design

Brand Design
Connecting With Your User
Great design has the power to cross language barriers. It forms a bond between your brand and the people who believe in it. We understand the importance of brand identity and an integral part design plays in it. Companies who budget yearly for brand development are far more likely to retain customer loyalty than those who do not. It is how people who engage your company know they are dealing with a trusted source. At Morning Sock Studios creativity and originality is just the beginning of the design process.

Logo Design
Your logo is the single most important design your company will have; it is the face of your brand. A brand that connects to your users takes a great deal of thought and research into its demographic. From there, you need to set brand guidelines for all materials and designs created for your company to ensure the brand is represented in a clear and concise manner. Click here for more info.

Advertising Design
Ad design is more than just throwing your logo and phone number into an ad and calling it a day. Your ad needs to create an emotional response. In most local publications, if you look at the ads, your mind will automatically turn off to them. However, you will come across two or three ads that command attention in a proper way. Our client’s ads tend to be part of that two or three. Click here for more info.

Promotion Design
Promotion design done properly can build incredible momentum when it comes to product launches, fundraisers, awareness, job safety, and employee recognition. We take account of the goal you are trying to achieve when designing a promotion for your company. Click here for more info.

Print Design
When you need to make an impact, we have you covered. Our reputation precedes us when it comes to designing great print pieces that are sure to leave a lasting impression. If you have an excellent product or service, we can make you shine above your competitors when it comes to the print collateral you leave behind. Click here for more info.

Label/Packaging Design
You are ready for your products to hit the shelf, and now it is time to create the packaging. Only problem is you have much competition; it bombards your customer with lots of choices. We can help give you the best chance of success with a well thought out packaging design. We take into consideration your brand guidelines, the demographic that will be purchasing and the problem your product solves, and use that as inspiration for the packaging design. Click here for more info.