Logo Design

Logo Design

The Face Of Your Brand

Next to your business plan, your logo design is the most important investment your company can make. A poor logo design tends to mean all the materials that represent your brand will look terrible as well.

You should never compromise on something as important as the face of your brand. There is a reason major brands spend 100’s of thousands of dollars on logo design. Chances are slim your business is a Fortune 500® company with that type of disposable cash flow. However, a lesson can be learned from them in the importance of spending money on a quality logo design.

Logo design is the heart of what Morning Sock does since we are a brand development company. Not only is your logo the face of your brand, it sets the tone to the creation of all your marketing materials. It impacts your print, website, advertising, marketing, all the way down to the color of the paint on the walls at your place of business. It all must promote the brand first. Designing a logo is not an overnight process and takes every bit of 45-60 business days to complete. Our main specialty, when it comes to logo design, is re-branding. Businesses who have made it through that first few years and are now ready to take their brand to that next level and expand into new markets.

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