Media Buying

Media Buying

Online, Print, & Social

If you are like most businesses, you get at least three people a week coming to your place of business trying to sell you advertising. Advertising, that word that can put a horrible taste in your mouth since when it fails, it fails miserably and costs much money.

It seems part dark art and part science. In reality, all it is is knowing the demographic you are marketing to and following your brand guidelines.

Fish with the correct bait and cast where the fish are, and you will significantly increase your chances of success. We believe in being diversified in your media buying, but your greatest asset in marketing is your website. That is why we make sure all your media purchases have tracking to show the effectiveness that drives back to your website. If the metrics do not add up we change the campaign to see if it helps then cut the ad and allocate those monies towards what is working if we find that particular media purchase is not working. The piece of mind you get will be knowing what is working and what is not.

We never charge on your ad spend, we only charge for our time assessing your current ad spend or the design of the ad or campaign.