South Carolina Beer Boom

Feb. 17, 2015

At the time of this writing, there are only 35 breweries in the entire state of South Carolina whereas San Diego County CA has over 100. That is soon to change…

Thanks to the hard work of many, The Stone Law was passed allowing breweries to raise their barrel limit, patrons to consume more samples, and for the brewery to sell directly to the consumer.

What does that mean for those with that shimmer in their eye at the prospect of cashing in on the 14.3 billion dollar craft beer industry? It is more important than ever to create amazing brews and even better branding.

South Carolina is going to be seeing record growth in this market over the next few years. How you position your brewery against the competition will determine the success or failure in this already over-saturated market.

We recently had a conversation with Master Brewer and part owner of Hilton Head Brewing Company John Rybicki. They have been brewing beer as one of the first brewpubs in South Carolina on Hilton Head since 1994 and are set to open an offsite brewery this March for distribution. “The market is growing ever so fast that it is just a matter of time before the bubble bursts, similar to the real estate market. Those that will survive will be the ones with the best brews and the packaging that grabs attention”.

It was those words from John that struck the cord for this blog post. Choosing the right creative agency when it comes time to fulfill your label, packaging, and marketing needs is paramount. Not only does it save money, but more importantly time.

An agency that understands the craft beer industry will not only make sure the COLA process goes as smoothly as possible, but more than likely they will have direct manufacturer relationships. They will be able to source everything you will need to get your brewery off to a healthy start. From custom tap handles, keg collars & wraps, growlers, glasses and coasters to beerfest tents, apparel, and other merchandise to help raise that bottom line and build brand awareness.

With all the regulations between the TTB and the state, having someone to guide you through this enormous process can help make sure you stay on your projected schedule.

Morning Sock Studios chooses the craft beer industry as their specialty out of love for great beer. Being well versed in TTB law and partnering up with a fantastic legal team makes sure their clients COLA process goes as smoothly as possible.

– Author
Curtis M. Gorlich
President & Co-Founder
Morning Sock Studios