Website Design

Website Design
Interactive At Its Finest
Your website is one of the first places people look when wanting to learn more about your business. With the majority of people turning to mobile and tablet devices to do searches, your website design needs to create the same type of impact as it would on a computer screen. As simple as this sounds, your website needs to provide your visitor exactly what they are looking for quickly. Secondly, your website needs to be able to be found in searches when someone is searching for your product or service. Especially if they have never heard of your business before. It is truly the hub of all your marketing efforts. We do not just build websites; we build lead generating online brand ambassadors.

Responsive Design
If your website is not easily viewable on a mobile or tablet device, you are losing customers. About 65% of all internet searches are done from a tablet or smartphone. If your site is difficult to view, most people will move on to the next site which will be your competitor. All of our sites are built responsive so it will re-size to any mobile or tablet device making for pleasurable viewing experience. Click Here For More Info.

If you have a retail business and don’t offer the ability to purchase your items online, our question is why not? Think of it as building an addition to your brick and mortar store. The only exceptions are it does not call sick to work, it does not take holidays off, and it is open 24 hours a day! Think of all the new potential business you are opening yourself up to if done properly. Click Here For More Info.

CRM Integration
More and more businesses in the Charlotte and Hilton Head area understand the importance of using a CRM in their business. We are big advocates of metrics when it comes to marketing. Integrating your CRM into your website and marketing campaign allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing dollars. Marketing should not be some strange voodoo. We can help simplify it. Click Here For More Info.

Search Engine Optimization is vital to the success or your online presence if you want to rank organically. As web browsers continue to change their algorithms, what worked just a few months ago can hurt your rankings. We follow all best web practices when it comes to SEO and are always taking continuing education through Google to stay on top of the curve. Click Here For More Info.

Patient Portals
Many of our services based businesses such as accountants, pharmacies, doctors, attorneys and veterinarians prefer interaction via client portals off their website site. Things like client records, invoices, and direct messaging is done through a custom built portal that follows the same security protocols for encryption banks and government use. Click Here For More Info.