CRM Integration

CRM integration

Automate Sales Leads

If your business uses CRM software that manages sales pipelines, client management, project management or marketing efforts and need to integrate it with your website we can make the connection.

All major companies know that if they link their question form on their website to their CRM software, they will enjoy increased profits through faster response times which equal more sales.

All information from your web-form will be automatically uploaded into your CRM as a lead. You can set triggers in your CRM that rate the quality of the lead. The lead is then automatically emailed to your sales team, and response time is almost immediate. Best of all, you as the sales manager or owner can watch each stage of the process through the CRM.

If your business uses scheduling software, you can have your clients book their appointments in real time off your website. This is putting your website to work for you as an inbound marketing machine. Anywhere automation can improve response time will pay for itself each time.

Let us help your company increase profits through automation by CRM integration on your website.