Correctly Optimizing Websites

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization it a phrase everyone has heard of, but very few actually know what it is. Morning Sock has been helping Hilton Head & Charlotte Businesses get higher SEO ranking for over nine years. We are sure you get the spam emails from companies proclaiming they can get your website ranking higher. The problem is very few of these companies are legitimate.

SEO in its simplest form is making sure your website can easily deliver the most relevant content to what a person is searching for. All the major search engines have algorithms that crawl your site and can tell if you are trying to cheat the system through keyword stuffing or link buying.

What is the point of having a website if nobody can find it. Be very wary of companies who promise they can get your website the number one ranking on the first page of Google quickly. There are so many factors that contribute to how you rank that no company can guarantee a number one spot. Proper search engine optimization can benefit any company that is trying to bring more visitors to their website. That being said; it is not a silver bullet as far as marketing efforts go.

Morning Sock follows Google’s best practices for SEO by always staying on top of their latest training. The same information can be found through Google by you our client. We encourage you to read through it to even have a better understanding how SEO works and know the questions to ask when hiring an agency to help your site rank higher.

If you are looking to have your website rank higher in search results, our consultations are always free as long as you come to our office. If you would like for us to come to you, we can arrange that for a small consulting fee.