"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

Frequently Asked Questions

This is by far our most frequently asked question…

Actually, months of research went into our name. Being in the business of marketing and brand development, we had the following requirements, listed in order of importance:

  1. We wanted to create a name that would immediately pique a readers’ curiosity.
  2. We also wanted to create a name that isn’t quickly forgotten.
  3. We wanted a name that jumped off the page if on a list with other companies

Since businesses are our demographic, it was important for us to showcase to our prospective clients a well executed brand.

So now it was on to the logo… We wanted a logo that if on a shirt, people would want to wear. Why? We did not want it to look like an advertisement; we wanted it to look like a brand. That way, if used in different promotional give-a-ways, people would want it. If people want it, they will use it. If they use it, other people will see it, giving us a better return on exposure rate. So it boils down to planning the greatest ROI on our marketing dollars.

As you can see there is a bit more than just “making a logo.” Lots of thought, research and time go into creating a successful brand that will sustain the test of time.

Everything we design starts with a hand-drawn sketch; but, long before the pencil ever hits the paper, it all starts with listening.

We follow a consultative approach to solving our clients' challenges through a very thorough discovery process.

We need to know what makes your demographic tic. We also need to know as much about your industry as possible and your competition.

It all starts with the springboard into our creative process which is the discovery. It is a series of carefully crafted questions that clarifies direction, outlines the target market, the key message and the desired results. We will refer to it often during the creative process to make sure we are both focused and on the same page.

Great design creates an emotional response that connects your brand with its intended audience. Adhering to this process is what equips us to produce effective and consistent work for you.

From there we draft a contract that outlines the project in detail. Once signed, and we receive 50% deposit, we then start on the research phase. This is where we research in great detail your demographic and competition. We also look at your current brand strengths and weakness along with your current marketing strategy. Then we start the sketch phase. After sketching many different concepts, we narrow it down to three. We will supply sketches showing different directions we can go (typically 3). We take your input from each design and do two more rounds of revisions till we end up with the final design.


So you’ve been burned in the past…Ouch, we hate to hear when that happens. This is something we hear about more often than we like. It puts a bad name on the industry and costs you hard earned dollars and valuable time.

We find from most of our clients it is by someone they know who is a “designer” but who also works a “real” job and charges next to nothing. This is our real job, and it took us many years of hard work to gain the experience we have. If you’ve tried contacting a professional design agency, you will find the prices are much higher.

Lack of understanding of the actual design process is the main culprit for most people who are shopping for design solely by price to choose the cheaper route.

Just like any high-quality product; it comes with a price that reflects the costs associated with such quality.

So if you are the type of person who looks for value and quality rather than the cheapest price, congratulations, you have finally found a company that will honor those needs.


Our prices are very reasonable compared to other agencies of our caliber. Good design comes at a fair price…

What you are paying for is the quality that only comes from the experience of a professional creative team. Then there are the day to day operating expenses of running a brick and mortar company. Expenses such as training seminars, keeping our design programs and equipment current, insurance, rent and payroll to name a few. We are a professional design and marketing agency that offers a valuable service to our clients the same as an accountant or tax attorney might.

Behind the scenes, there will be an entire creative team dedicated to your project that is under the direct supervision of both owners. They have been with us for over seven years because we pay them what they are worth that in turn gets the results our clients demand.

It all depends on the project and the scope of work. We will not know the costs until we fully understand what you are needing. Pricing is done one of two ways; either on a per project basis or as a retainer. Clients whom we have long term working relationships tend to go for our retainer program.

We get through the first project to see if we are a good fit then we assess your monthly design and communication needs. From there, we tailor a retainer package that allows a certain amount of hours at a reduced price then per project basis.

It really depends on the scope of the project, but here are some approximates.

Logo: 45 business days
Regular Websites: 45-60 business days
eCommerce Websites: 60-120 business days
Advertising Campaigns: 45-60 business days
Screen Print Orders: 14-21 business days when supplied with camera ready art
Print Orders: 10-15 business days when supplied with camera ready art

No. As much as we wish there was an instant make a logo button, there is not. Your logo is the face of your brand; your promise to your customer that builds trust. This process requires much research and strategy and should never be rushed.  So, unfortunately, we cannot do over 120 hours worth of work for a few hundred dollars.

Absolutely Not! We would not come to your business and ask you to work for free in order to see if we want to use you. So why would you ask us to work for free?

Aside from having people work for free, when hiring on the basis of spec work, you will only get mediocre results at best. Time is not taken to understand your business and demographics. A good marketing company should be a trusted adviser to help take the burden of marketing off your plate. That frees your time to do the tasks you are best at that have the greatest impact on your business.

YES! We love working for a good cause, please contact us for more details. Here are some of the Non-Profits we do business with: The Sand Box, The Bluffton Dog Park, W.H.E.N., Locals At The Lake

YES! We do a yearly Brand Grant to give back to the community. Become a fan of our Facebook Page to hear when we announce the 2015 Brand Grant.

The band Pilotwave in Jacksonville, FL. was our latest winner of $3,500 worth of Brand Development which included a new logo, band poster, T-shirt design and album cover.

As a matter of fact, we do! You would be surprised how many requests we get for custom sock printing even though we work marketing.

However, only about 3% of the people contacting us are actual sock companies looking to place an immediate order. The other 97% are people who come up with clever sock ideas and have no clue the costs involved.

We would be more than happy to quote your custom sock order, but we charge a $300 non-refundable quoting fee that can be applied to your order.

It takes us approximately four hours of going back and forth with our manufacturers in China plus the cost of international calls. Minimum orders are 10,000 units for full dye sublimation printing. So you are looking at a minimum of $60,000 and a minimum of three months turn around time for the crate to be shipped to Savannah Port.

If you are still interested in us providing a quote, shoot us an email and one of our staff will contact you shortly.

Offer Any Other Services?

Print & Specialy Printing

We offer all sorts of print products such as business cards, brochures, & forms to name a few.

Promotional Products

We have many direct manufacturer sources. If you can put your logo on it we can get it.

Graphic Design

From general graphic design to comprehensive branding campaigns, yes we can design it.

Do You Have Samples?

Client-Lettrs Bluffton


Lettrs (and no that is not a typo) in Bluffton/Hilton Head approached us with needing a full re-brand. We designed the logo and entire identity package. This is an excellent example of making sure your materials all follow a consistent look and feel. We designed and sourced all printed materials shown. Their new website is next launching this March 2018.

Picture of a clients brand design for lettrs
Lettrs Store Client Logo
Picture of a clients brand design
Legacy Home Loans Media Kit
Client-Legacy Home Loans


Another great example of branding done properly. We designed the logo and entire identity package. The point we stress is: Make sure a consistent look and feel applies to ALL material that represents your brand. 

“Great job on the Brochures!!! Definitely can’t wait to see the next ones! We Legacy Home Ownership Truly appreciate everything that you are doing for us!!! Keep separating yourself from the rest!!!”

- Russell Kesterson, Legacy Home Loans

“Morning Sock created updated brochures for our Main Street Village. It was a seamless process – took our information – made it easy to read and created a unified look for our Village. They arrive right at our door quickly. Supporting a small local business is important to us!”

- Jennifer Megliore, Main Street Village

“Shawn and Curtis are creative and always know just the right product or idea to suggest. Their creative team is cutting edge and different from anything else in the advertising world”

- Debbie Timen, Lettrs

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